Additional Resources

Alliance for Health Reform    1444 Eye Street, NW, Suite 910, Washington, DC 20005 Telephone:

Free World U  A free internet university

Health Care Reform Update   The Heartland Institute, 19 South LaSalle - Suite 903
Chicago, Illinois 60603, Voice:

National Health Security Plan   A Compilation of Government Speeches

Lambda AIDS Project Director's Update  Legal Defense Fund and AIDS/HIV Information Resource

Overhauling U.S. Health Care  Maintained by the National Academies Office of News and Public Information

Health Care Reform & Rx Drugs  Public Citizen, 1600 20th St. NW Washington, DC. 20009 

Physicians for a National Health Program  29 E. Madison St., Suite 602, Chicago, IL 60602, Phone:

David Gratzer's Health Care Reform Website  Proposing reforming health care along the lines of individual choice and competition.

Web Directory of Resources, including Methods and Theories, Free Submissions are Welcome

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